ABL was established in early 2017 when two firms, UCMK Assurance and Summit Point, merged together.
UCMK was established in early 2009, to be one of the leading accounting and business consulting firms in the Southern California region. Delivering added value services and innovative ideas to our domestic and international clients is what distinguishes us from the rest. Summit Point was established in 2012, serving as a one-stop accounting service firm mainly for U.S. based subsidiaries of Korean conglomerates.

ABL is led by selected CPAs with varying backgrounds and expertise with only one common goal in mind – to deliver uncompromising accounting and business consulting services at a reasonable cost. Our reputation, professional competence, uncompromising standards and superior performance are best spoken of by our clients who include Publicly-Owned and Privately-Held Companies, Partnerships, Individuals, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Retirement Plans, Fiduciaries and other entities.

As CPAs and consultants, we think of our role as a unique blend of expert guide, private consultant, and business advisor. Working side by side with clients, we create personalized approaches that are based on each client’s goals and core business dynamics. We assemble the pieces of a client’s financial puzzle and craft meticulous plans for managing growth and supporting capital needs. We bolster leadership strategies with appropriate technology recommendations. We help define corporate culture and teach how to use the power of people to create a competitive advantage. Our motto is simple and direct, “we want to be our clients’ most trusted business advisor”.

We realize the importance companies place on the quality of professional services they receive. Our client service philosophy involves a continual exchange of information, keeping our clients current with regulatory or other changes in the business environment and keeping us in touch with the progress of their business. We encourage frequent, non-billable contacts from our clients to keep us informed of vital information, so that we can provide quality services.