A significant factor in selecting a qualified firm is its ability to provide proactive tax advice.


In recent years, the burden of state, local and Federal taxation has increased for almost all businesses. As a result, our corporate tax planning approach emphasizes a fully integrated Federal, state, and local tax strategy. This approach ensures that all tax ramifications are reviewed and the most effective methods of controlling and minimizing all corporate income taxes are selected.

We stress planning to minimize, defer and, if possible, eliminate Federal, state and local taxes; to take advantage of all available tax incentives; to avoid the penalty provisions of the tax laws; and to avoid loss of tax credits or other carryovers.

We conduct reviews of existing compensation packages including fringe benefits and retirement plans to see that the company is getting the most for its money, and is prepared for changes in ownership in the event of redemptions, liquidations, mergers and acquisitions.


Many executives find themselves on a financial treadmill despite salaries and benefits that are commensurate with their position. This may divert some of their attention and energy from their business responsibilities. Our executive tax services have been tailored to:

• Help executives plan and organize current and long-range tax financial strategies and achieve maximum accumulation of wealth;

• Help executives organize family financial plan and plan their estate; and

• Offer comprehensive financial and tax counsel to retiring executives.


One of the most important areas in terms of tax planning lies with fixed asset depreciation. ABL can walk you through the possibilities and options to maximize your tax benefit through cost segregation study. Cost segregation is a strategic tax savings tool that allows companies and individuals, who have constructed, purchased, expanded, or remodeled any kind of real estate to increase cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions and deferring federal and state income taxes.

With our alliance with nationally recognized specialists on the topic, we can promise to deliver quality service at reasonable costs.


We provide Transfer Pricing Study by:

• Performing a “functional analysis” to determine the functions performed and risks assumed, which is followed by industry analysis;

• Determining the appropriate method to evaluate the arm’s-length nature of the covered transactions;

• Performing a database search to find comparable companies to evaluate the profitability of the tested parties;

• Performing asset-intensity adjustments to the comparable companies’ financials; and

• Determining the “arm’s-length” range of transfer prices for the covered transactions.

Based on findings from above procedures, we prepare and deliver the transfer pricing report that is intended to satisfy the contemporaneous documentation requirements set forth in Section 6662 of the IRC.

Through forming an alliance with nationally recognized specialists in Transfer Pricing area, we can promise to deliver quality service at reasonable costs.


Our tax professionals can provide valuable support by:

• Providing informative summaries of current tax developments.

• Maintaining contact with appropriate Federal agencies and serving as a liaison between these agencies and your company.

• Drafting private letter ruling requests for critical tax strategies or corporate acquisitions.


Current emergence in generally accepted auditing standards leans towards the direction where the external auditors are prohibited to assist their non-public clients in preparing income tax provisions, converging with the current rules for public entities and their auditors. ABL can fill in the blanks by proactively acting as a liaison between your company and your external auditors.


We also provide professional services to address your needs for other types of taxes, such as payroll tax and sales tax, including representation in front of the agencies.