ABL provides a wide range of services, including financial statements attestation, tax planning and reporting, transfer pricing documentation study and other business consulting services. We are confident that ABL is equipped with what is necessary to serve you to meet all your accounting needs.

The followings are just a few of the compelling reasons why we strongly believe that we are qualified to handle your professional service needs:


ABL is a group of accounting and tax professionals with deep knowledge and experience in broad areas. With this diversification and vast direct and relevant experiences, we work together to bring you the level of services that you would expect only from the “Big” firms.

ABL’s professionals have served clients in industries in financial services, manufacturing, distribution, automotive, fashion, online game, professional services (e.g., legal, medical, dental and veterinarian), telecommunications, restaurant, Maquiladora, and not-for-profit. The services covered from accounting and attestation to taxation, including various types of advisory services.

Please refer to the “Key Professionals” section for further information about ABL’s greatest assets.

ABL is led by selected CPAs with varying backgrounds and expertise with only one common goal in mind – to deliver uncompromising accounting and business consulting services at a reasonable cost. Our reputation, professional competence, uncompromising standards and superior performance are best spoken of by our clients who include Publicly-Owned and Privately-Held Companies, Partnerships, Individuals, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Retirement Plans, Fiduciaries and other entities.


Further shown in our “Key Professionals” section, ABL is a consolidation of professionals, who have proven to lead the pack in their own field. With the years of hands-on experience and eagerness to put the client service on our own hands, each professional of ABL will prove to be your business partner who you can rely on enjoying peace of mind.


As a small, yet nimble and flexible firm, ABL will provide the custom-tailored services at a competitive fee. “Big” firms often put standardization over efficiency for the sake of profitability and risk control: Inevitable approach for conglomerate, but unfortunately not the best approach for each client with unique needs. With our lean and straightforward organizational structure and channel of communication, we can ensure each and every client will receive the exact services that they need.


In providing professional services, the size and the number of professionals of a firm may be important factors for you to consider in selecting a professional firm. However, we believe that the more critical factor lies with the individuals who will be directly involved in providing the services to you with a personal care. The level of professional experiences and willingness to go extra miles for a client should be the most important factor. ABL has the right people who can provide the value-added services by going the extra miles for you. Not only you will get the exact services you need, but you will get them just in time by the proactive professionals always looking out for you.


As further discussed in “ABL’s Services” section, we have formed alliances with various subject matters specialists. Just one of extra steps that ABL took to comfort our clients with guaranteed quality service.