At ABL, we provide various attestation services as shown in the following list. All attestation services are in accordance with the governing standards and regulations, as well as ABL’s internal attestation methodology. Such methodology has been developed by ABL’s professionals incorporating both the quality control mechanism of big firms and personal know-how accumulated from dealing with Korean-American clients’ unique needs and requirements. Abiding by the ABL attestation methodology ensures that our service is high quality backed by unchallengeable supporting documentations, and yet customized to fit the needs and circumstance of our clients. Examples of the attestation services that we provide include:


Providing the highest level of assurance, audit engagements require extensive procedures and documentations. For the reason, the big firms mostly have dominated the industry sector. With the professionals from those big firms, ABL is ready to provide audit services of the same level of quality without unnecessary price premium and overly extensive risk management procedures of the big firms.


Lacking the level of assurance from audit engagements, reviews and compilations are commonly provided by more firms of varying sizes. It does not mean that these engagements can be properly executed by anyone. Only from the professionals with right experiences and trainings, as well as guidance of sound firm methodology, can these engagements be properly executed.


ABL can also provide other attestation services to fit the needs of our clients, such as field examinations for general or specific purposes, agreed-upon procedures based on specific requests, etc. Again, ABL’s collective experience and flexibility can ensure the highest level of satisfaction for these types of engagements as well.

Unless prohibited by rules and regulations regarding independence, we also provide general accounting services, such as book-keeping and internal reports generation, etc. Even though these services lack our assurance in form, they will not fall short in terms of quality.